• Rachel Penate

Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

My dear friend Lori calls the TRULY DEVIOUS series a big ol' "bag of potato chips" and that is where we will begin as I talk about this utterly compulsive and devourable book!

TRULY DEVIOUS follows Stevie Bell as she begins her first year at Ellingham Academy -- the setting of the infamous cold case that wrecked the campus two generations prior. While pursuing her passion project to solve Ellingham's murderous past, Stevie present gets wrapped up in its history and she finds herself knee-deep solving another crime; one that practically happened before her eyes.

Chalk full of intrigue, colorful Gatsby-era history, and page-turning prose, TRULY DEVIOUS is quite addicting. It is Agatha Christie, YA mystery at its finest and I am HERE FOR ALL OF IT!

Excited to keep the case-solving wheels rolling with books two and three! A solid ★★★★ from me. Highly recommend if you enjoy YA, historical fiction, mystery.

SENSITIVITY WARNINGS: unexpected death, cold case murder, teen drama, parental discord, cliffhangers.

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