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Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino

Updated: Apr 10

TITLE: Trick Mirror

AUTHOR: Jia Tolentino

PUBLISHER: Penguin Random House

STARS: ★★★★★

REVIEW: OK. I’m going to be very honest. If I ever shut down my entire library of social media accounts, this book is the reason why. No. Freaking. Joke.

Tolentino’s essays on Self-Delusion are heavy & difficult to read but insanely motivational in recognizing the fallacies we’ve come to believe about the Internet & consumerism.

★ Trick Mirror absolutely slayed me in the best possible way. ★

This book created a complete paradox within my own mind: I found peace through discord. Despite the problems our society is facing - & really the whole question of the book: Are we shaping our societal experiences or are our societal experiences shaping us? - I find great peace in knowing that I can shed the scams & lies our culture collectively is weaving by the very power alone of exposing the truth: THE INTERNET DOES NOT OWN ME & WHO I AM.

Gosh, guys. I cannot do justice to this book in one tiny little Insta post. Read this beauty. It will change you.

Overall, one of the most jarring & important books I’ll read this year. For more praise & information, click here.


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