• Rachel Penate

The Undocumented Americans by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio

I don’t often make sweeping declarations about books — understanding full well everyone enjoys such different types of narratives. But if I were to make this unicorn of a list that recommends “required reads,” THE UNDOCUMENTED AMERICANS would most definitely be on top.

What Villavicencio achieves with this short book is truly something remarkable. It is a gut punch lesson in compassion. There is no tip toeing around political correctness — these are not cleverly edited or sourced pages. THE UNDOCUMENTED AMERICANS is raw, poetic, and honest storytelling thats only goal is to humanize the villinized. It is organic and absolutely beautiful.

In whatever way you prefer to pick up books, I highly recommend making this one a priority. Every single persons story is worthy of telling and The Undocumented Americans are no exception.

Absolutely ★★★★★ from me!

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