• Rachel Penate



★★★ / 5 ⁣⁣ (Standard)

★★.5 / 5 (Mama Scale)


Slow-build thriller about female friendships and long-held secrets.


Four best friends, a mysterious English countryside, long-hidden secrets, and a game of lies. This is the set-up of Ruth Ware’s “The Lying Game.” It is full of thrill-inducing potential but, sadly, does not live up.

I’d like to preface this review by saying I loved “In a Dark, Dark Wood” and really enjoyed “The Girl in Cabin 10.” I thought the setting and plot/character development was rich with both. “The Lying Game,” however, fell a little flat with me. I don’t know if it was a plot that I just found a bit trite … the idea of teen girls weaving lies isn’t a new one, but there was something lost on me when the lies didn’t equal up to something more sinister than it did.

Not that I desire these things for teenage characters, but — let’s just say — the plot line goes a little south when after 5 seasons you still don’t know what happened to the dead girl (looking at you PLL). I wanted something more shocking, more heart-pumping, more intriguing. But — my lack for enjoyment may have been attuned to my half-hearted listening via audiobook.

Regardless, Ruth Ware’s books will continue to be reads for me. She has a way with storytelling that I really enjoy — the slow-build narration from multiple time periods.

Overall, a slow burn thriller that is more "slow" than it is "thrill."


I’d recommend if you are a fan of plots similar to Pretty Little Liars.

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