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THE LAST MRS. PARRISH by Liv Constantine

Updated: Apr 10, 2020


★★★/ 5 (Standard)

★★/ 5 (Mama Scale)


Psychological Thriller about a "gold digger" and what she will do to get exactly what she wants (oh! And, there's a twist).


I wanted to love this one. Oh, I really really wanted to love this one. But, alas I did not.

I'll hand it to Liv Constantine. The sisters paint a picture of characters so deliciously glitzy and scandalous, a plot so thick with potential I was paging through the first few chapters with glee. Amber's character is intriguing. Her thought process juicy as we see her malicious scheme unravel. What exactly is she up to? I found myself wondering numerous times, anxiously turning each page.

But, then I learned about Daphne and the real relationship between her and Jackson, and in the unfolding of the "other side" of the story, a whole bunch of character flaws begun to unravel for me. For one, with the stress that Daphne was under, it was extremely unbelievable to me that she would've talked to Jackson as she did. I would've loved more internal dialogue, more surveying of the consequences of her actions, more description of the fear and ultimately the resolve as she turned the tide on him. I wanted more internal conflict and less description — particularly less detailing of the sex. I get it, the man liked sex, but it was overwhelmingly repetitive and would've proved valuable word count for more meat. (Although, I do appreciate the subtly from Constantine, that was really refreshing. I didn't have to skim past the unwanted sexual content.)

On the positive end, what I did love about this book is that it was multi-layered. The multiple POVs — especially starting with Amber's was fascinating and by the time her voice was pretty much exhausted, the story switched to Daphne. I appreciated that. Especially with how much of a multi-layered plot line this was. It was truly a unique plot and, for the most part, executed well.

Overall, a fast-paced interesting enough book. But, honestly nothing to write home about.


Eh. Maybe, but only if you need a good fast-paced easy to consume beach read.

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