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The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

Updated: Apr 10




So, I have a confession to make … I LOVE dark & moody English mysteries. I think this is the only reason why authors like Ruth Ware have worked for me. I will take every book I can that with those slow, twisty, victorian-type plots & settings.

★ Jewell’s THE FAMILY UPSTAIRS, for me, DEFINITELY hit the mark on dark & twisty. ★

I wouldn’t call this my favorite mystery, but I would call it one of the more enjoyable ones. The Family Upstairs follows Libby Jones who discovers at 25 she’s inherited her birth parent’s house - parents she’s never known. Slowly over the course of weeks, Libby unveils the history behind its cobwebbed & darkened rooms.

Jewell’s ability to switch back & forth between characters, slowly revealing the story for the reader alongside the main character is brilliant. I was seriously hanging onto every character’s word & perspective.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one!! This was my first Lisa Jewell, & it definitely will not be my last.

RECOMMENDED? Absolutely! So long as you don't expect this one to be a fast-paced thriller, you won't be disappointed. For more praise & information, click here.


Domestic abuse, rape, & murder.

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