• Rachel Penate

THE DREAMERS by Karen Thompson Walker

Updated: Apr 10, 2020


★★★★/ 5 (Standard)

★★★/ 5 (Mama Scale)


A lyrical novel about a contagious disease that overcomes the sleepy coastal town of Santa Lora, California.


I had no idea what to expect with this one. I admit, I only picked it up because I won it in a giveaway and it had a really pretty cover. But, I’m grateful I did because this book was a real treat to read. ⁣

Karen Thompson Walker writes with such fluid brilliance worthy of a great lyrical bedtime story. A comparison not lost on me since this story follows the outbreak of a sleeping sickness that ravishes the town of Santa Lora, CA. ⁣

I absolutely loved the ease of this story in the way it drifted me off to a place and circumstance unlike any other, and really appreciated Walker’s reflections through the book on the power of dreams, memory, and time. All human concepts worthy of discussion and contemplation. ⁣

What I didn’t like was the unresolved feeling from such an abrupt ending. I wanted more answers about the sickness and desired a greater complexity to the plot, but perhaps that was not Walker’s purpose in writing this book. Perhaps it was to leave us with these questions. Which, I’m also kind of sold on. Sometimes, books that don’t fit a certain box are necessary in a cookie-cutter world. ⁣

Overall, a beautifully written book lacking a few plot elements.

(Side note, I really loved the audiobook of this one! I’d be happy to employ whoever read it to read my kids all of their bedtime stories.)


For sure if you appreciate a beautifully written novel and dig novels about mysterious outbreaks and how they affect the adjacent communities and families. ⁣

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