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The Chestnut Man by Soren Sveistrup

Updated: Apr 10, 2020


STORY - ★★★★.5⁣⁣ (3 on the Mama Scale) AUDIO - ★★★★★!!!!


On a cold October morning a handmade doll, known as a “chestnut man,” is found beside a bloody crime scene… and then another is found… and then another…

Very clearly the work of a madman, Thulin and Hess ⁠— two unlikely heroes ⁠— must race against the frantic timeline of a killer to keep everyone safe and put him behind bars.


If Criminal Minds and The Cormoran Strike series were to have a child and send him off to boarding school in Denmark… THIS BOOK WOULD BE THEIR CHILD! Literally everything this crime show loving lady wanted in a book and more. Vivid … suspenseful … twisty and turney … so so good.

WHAT I LOVED: For me, the protagonist often makes it or breaks it in a thriller. Absolutely a fan of novels that surround the detective ⁠— the suspense is palpable as they put everything they know and do into catching the killer. Loved loved loved the dynamic of Thulin and Hess. Thulin was every bit the complex, yet powerful and competent female protagonist I hope for.

WHAT I DIDN'T LOVE: Naturally, my biggest complaint about this book is that I wanted more of Thulin and Hess. They completely carried the book for me and I would’ve loved to have more time with them. In general, a more focused plot line and character list would’ve easily moved this book from 4 1/2 to a shining 5 stars!

Overall, the perfect thriller for this spooky season.


YES! If this genre sits ok with you. Would NOT recommend to everyone due to the following sensitivity warnings. Click here for more info and praise for The Chestnut Man.


language, graphic mutilation & murder, death of parents & children, kidnapping.

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