• Rachel Penate

The Ancestor by Danielle Trussoni

The best kinds of books are the ones that don’t just tell a story. The best kinds of books do more than simply collect words — and string them together into coherent sentences. The best kinds of books capture you with their imagery, plant you right alongside the protagonist, and hold you captive by the intrigue until the very last page.

THE ANCESTOR is for sure among the best kinds of books.

Combining elements of science, horror, and mystery, Danielle Trussoni creates a world full of the mysterious and slightly fantastical, yet honest and deeply authentic. But Alberta — the protagonist’s — journey wasn’t just one of thrill and intrigue. At its heart, it was a story about learning that you’re never really as alone as you feel in this world. That family roots grow deep and people have the capacity to love in unexpected ways. Throughout the whole book, I truly felt every single emotion alongside of Alberta and was deeply invested in her well-being. Her story is truly unique and one I will not soon forget.

While THE ANCESTOR does have its moments of simplistic writing and minor plot-line issues, I would absolutely recommend this one on a cold winter night with a glass of wine and a crackling fire. It is one part mystery, two parts science, and one part healing and hope. It is atmospheric and deeply engrossing, intriguing, and beautifully imagined. It is a winner in my eyes and I would absolutely recommend it for fans of books such as Mexican Gothic and Devolution.

{HUGE thanks to @danielletrussoni for sending me a finished copy. I’m so so grateful! You for sure have made a fan out of me with this one!}

Sensitivity Warnings: suicide, loss of a spouse and child, disfigurement, and the numerous misunderstandings that accompany it.

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