• Rachel Penate


Updated: Apr 10, 2020


★★★★★ / 5 (Standard)

★★★★/ 5 (Mama Scale)


A satirical take on sin and virtue.


This year, I made it a goal to read at least 5 classics.

This one wasn’t on the list I made at the beginning of the year, but I have been eyeing it on our shelf for YEARS. Guys … years. So, this week, I found it on audiobook and listened. ⠀

And, wow … I listened attentively. ⠀

C.S. Lewis is one of the most prolific writers in modern Christianity and I gleaned A LOT from these 200 pages. I knew the premise of this book before I picked it up and was a bit wary about how “advice from a demon” — how to lead man into temptation to sin — could teach me how to live out virtue. But, silly me for doubting C.S. Lewis. ⠀

His writing is profound, beautifully crafted, and perfectly satirical. This is one I’m going to be coming back to year after year as I grow deeper in faith.⠀

Overall, an extremely eye-opening book.


Yes. Absolutely, if you desire a deeper understanding of virtue and sin or just need a book to challenge you in your own Christian faith.⠀

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