• Rachel Penate

MAID by Stephanie Land

Updated: Apr 10, 2020


★★★★ / 5 (Standard)

★★★.5 / 5 (Mama Scale)


Moving memoir about a single mom who learned how to overcome her poverty.


There is a simple beauty and power in reading the story of a stranger. Stephanie and I do not have much in common. I don’t know what it’s like to be homeless ... I don’t know what it’s like to literally fight for everything I own. But the fierceness of motherhood and the faith in something “more” connected me to Stephanie and left me pondering how my life is a little richer because of her.

In “Maid,” Stephanie Land eloquently tells her story. A story about the fear and fearlessness of motherhood; a story about the power of working hard despite the hinderances; a story about faith in your dreams being more powerful than your reality.

I truly loved “Maid.” I didn’t just love Stephanie’s story but I also loved the little snippets of honesty she effectively weaved in about the welfare system — not like an opinion on a platform, but like a loving friend just yearning to be known.

May we learn how to be more compassionate of those struggling to put meals on the table. May we listen before we judge with our ears and heart open. Thank you Stephanie for this book.

Overall, I loved Land's candor when speaking about the realities of the welfare system and her honesty in her authentic grasp at hope. A beautiful, simple, moving memoir.


Yes, to anyone who wants a greater perspective on poverty and motherhood.

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