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RECURSION by Blake Crouch

Updated: Apr 10, 2020


★★★★ / 5 ⁣⁣ (Standard)

★★★ / 5 ⁣⁣ (Mama Scale)


RECURSION is a page-turning action thriller that Science nerds will love. (At least I think so. Science was definitely not my strongest subject. Hah!)


If Interstellar and The Bourne Identity were to have a baby, I'm pretty sure RECURSION would be their love child. This book screamed "science intellect" while also simultaneously chanting "devourable, action-packed thriller." I blew through this mind-blowing plot — Like a 0-60, give me all the pages in one sitting cause I. JUST. HAVE. TO. KNOW. HOW. IT. ENDS. kind of way. This book was absolutely entertaining.

WHAT I LOVED: Helena is a bad ass. She is a straight-up empowering protagonist. I absolutely adored her character, her intellect, her determination and compassion, and her unrelenting pursuit of the moral good. She really made this book for me. I also loved how Blake Crouch made me think. Like REALLY think. Like still totally thinking about the whole space-time continuum phenomenon and our ability to manipulate our existence within it. It was a totally "out-there" concept set within a real question: Does our memory make our reality?

WHAT I DIDN'T LOVE: The last 50 pages. Uggghhhhhhhh. I hate admitting this because this book was such a ride, but I got so fatigued by the end just wanting to know so badly how Helena and Barry turn out. And then that ending. A brilliant one, I mean it fits the theme and plot line of the book but it was nevertheless frustrating. Not all books need to be wrapped up in tidy little bows but I wanted to know more. Was this really the end of all the chaos in the world or would the loop just remain open for all time? Blake Crouch, hear me when I say I demand a sequel!

Overall, a heart-pumping tale of love, heartbreak, and unrelenting persistence.


Yes. Yes. Yes.

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