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Night Road by Kristin Hannah

Updated: Apr 10, 2020




The inseparable bond of Mia, Zach, and Lexi seem a force never to be severed, until one dark summer night when everything changes. Left to navigate loss, guilt, and fear, those near to this trio must learn how to grieve and move forward with grace.


I absolutely stand behind K.Hannah as a go-to storyteller, she possesses a rich simplicity in the way she weaves a tale. But (… oh I hate there is a “but” …), I think I may have done myself a disservice starting with her newer, more magical stories. Night Road had all the marks of a beautiful Kristin Hannah tale, but the plot fell a little flat for me.

Loved: The strength of this story lived within the characters. All of the characters in this story grow tremendously and I really felt connected to them all (except Jude … but she grows on me in the end). Hannah did a tremendous job unmasking grief and loss, and the way it can reveal our good qualities but also unmask our more unattractive ones.

Didn't Love: What bothered me most about this story was the way the narration changed based on the character who was thinking/ talking. Each voice was believable, but it was just a little hard to follow. I think the story would’ve been stronger with just one consistent viewpoint.

Overall, despite the beautiful themes, it was a slow burn for me that could’ve used more consistent narration.


Death of a child, absent parents, & depression.


Sure. If you love an easy-to-read, heartfelt, and compassionate tale. Click here for more info and praise for Night Road.

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