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Moneyball by Michael Lewis

Updated: Apr 10

TITLE: Moneyball

AUTHOR: Michael Lewis

PUBLISHER: W.W. Norton Company


STARS: ★★★★.5

SUMMARY: “Billy Beane, general manager of MLB's Oakland A's, had a problem: how to win in the Major Leagues with a budget that's smaller than that of nearly every other team. Conventional wisdom long held that big name, highly athletic hitters and young pitchers with rocket arms were the ticket to success. But Beane and his staff, buoyed by massive amounts of carefully interpreted statistical data, believed that wins could be had by more affordable methods such as hitters with high on-base percentage and pitchers who get lots of ground outs.

Besides being one of the most insider accounts ever written about baseball, Moneyball is populated with fascinating characters. Lewis, one of the top nonfiction writers of his era, offers highly accessible explanations of baseball stats and his roadmap of Beane's economic approach makes Moneyball an appealing reading experience for business people and sports fans alike.” (Adapted from Goodreads)

REVIEW: That time of the year is upon us again: sweet, sweet Spring Training! I’ve always been a fan of baseball, but it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve taken to the nuances of this deeply interesting game. Where other sports have their constant fast motion, the game of baseball has its subtle strategy and intellect.

I watched the movie adaptation of Moneyball YEARS ago, before I was invested in learning the game, so it was a no-brainer to me that this book had the power to deepen my love for this sport.

★ Although very much enjoying this book and Lewis’ brilliant skill as a biographer, the story of Moneyball is told best via the big screen.★ I’ll chalk it up to the dense detail of biographies - as the genre is definitely a beast in and of itself. It’s likely I would’ve enjoyed this book more as a memoir told by Billy Beane himself, but the heavily detailed pages didn’t take away from my experience with the uniqueness of this story.

Overall, worth the read but wouldn’t recommend if you aren’t a huge fan of baseball or biographies.

SENSITIVITY WARNINGS: Some mild language.

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