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How I Rate My Books

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I love qualifiers, they enhance a person's characteristics and lend themselves to a more well-rounded and beautifully imaginative story. But, when it comes to rating books on a certain scale, those pretty little stars carry so many meanings.

For me, whenever I post on this site, my rating scale is as follows. Please feel free to drop any comments with any questions or feedback!

My Standard Rating Scale

  • ★★★★★ : Expertly crafted literature. Beautifully crafted imagery, story line, and characters. The type of book you want to tell ALL of your friends about (even the ones who hate to read) and the type of story line that lingers with you years after you read it for the first time. ABSOLUTELY a must read.

  • ★★★★ : Well written and moving plot. Characters could be real friends and deal with real and complex issues. The story resonates in a deep and moving way. Not the best you'll ever read, but for sure worth your time.

  • ★★★ : No real plot or character flaws but does not resonate in a unique way. Overall, ranked as "average." Worth the read for only a quick literary fix or on your beach vacation when you're so relaxed you're falling asleep anyway.

  • ★★ : Minor plot and character flaws; juvenile writing, and/or a simplistic/unbelievable story line. Not worth the read, unless it's the only book on your shelf or it's preassigned reading.

  • ★ : Substantial plot and character flaws, poor writing, and/or unrealistic story. NOT worth your time unless it's literally the only book left in the world and you're hankering for a fix.

Note: you'll rarely see a ★ or ★★ star rating. Those books are almost always DNFs for me.

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