• Rachel Penate

His & Hers by Alice Feeney

Dear Thriller,

you're a pesky genre. You dig deeply into wounds. You twist and turn. You haunt. You creep. You have so much potential for a good, heart-palpitating thrill.

And then sometimes, you flop.

You flop like a big ol' pancake and I'm left with a whole lot of frustration over the lack of deliciousness I know a good thriller has the potential to provide.

His and Hers, I'm so sorry, but you were a big ol' floppity flop pancake... and here's why:

1) You fixated too much on teenage trauma. Why - for the love of all things holy - is sexual deviance necessary to detail in stories? SENSITIVITY WARNING ALERT! I get that this part of the story was a big motivator to the plot line (no spoilers here), but honestly, this whole story could've been written without most of the extremely unnerving content.

2) You had too many layers causing for confusion and ultimately a lack of believability in the end. I know you thrillers sometimes ask for a suspension of disbelief, and I'm cool with that. But His & Hers, you struggled to be clever, and ultimately your ending felt sadly forced.

In the end, I do thank you for the ride. I'm sure there are many who dig this type of story and found you to be compelling. But, I'm glad I'm back to standing with feet firmly planted on the ground, because your ride was a bumpy one.

Love, Rachel

{Huge thanks to Libro.fm and MacMillan audio for this free ALC copy. It was excellently narrated and absolutely well produced!}

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