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Updated: Apr 10, 2020


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A quick-witted self-help book on achieving your goals.


Oh gosh, I have a lot of thoughts about this book. I want to like Rachel Hollis. She’s funny, practical, and easy to understand. She says it like it is and her books have the same effect on me that I expect her cited “pump up songs” do for her. She’s that locker room pep talk I never thought I needed ... ⁣

But, while I appreciate the “gung ho, go get em” attitude, I fundamentally disagree with the notion that we are meant to live a life of “hustle.” I heard this a long time ago and I believe this to my core: we are human beings, not human doings. I get that Hollis’ first book was intended to express the underlying lies that keep us from this understanding (and I really did like that book) but girl... in this second book ... take it down a notch, please. ⁣

I yearned for her to give real life examples of her life just for the sake of being real... not to ultimately share an altruistic life lesson. I wanted to see the grit, the struggle, her real heart, not just the version that looks the prettiest. I wanted her to say “I understand the struggle,” and just leave it at that. ⁣

Hey, maybe she is being real ... great ... but if thats the case, this book is nothing more than pretty sayings and a potential game plan for my goal-setting future. And I’ll take that, but in the end, it’s nothing to write home about.⁣

Overall, clear, practical, and funny but really nothing new that hasn't been said before.


if you need that (aforementioned) locker room pep talk on how to achieve your goals.

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