• Rachel Penate

BECOMING by Michelle Obama


★★★★★ / 5 (Standard)

★★★★★ / 5 (Mama Scale)


Michelle Obama's beautifully written and deeply profound memoir.


Okay, saying this is a "Book Review" is a bit of a lie. This isn’t a book review … it’s, in reality, a “review of the ways I’ve grown just reading this book because Michelle Obama is an amazing, humble, beautiful boss lady” ⁣

Seriously, BELIEVE THE HYPE. ⁣

So, here are 5 things “Becoming” reinforced for me in a whole new beautiful way:⁣

  1. Success isn’t just about working hard, it’s also about believing in yourself. ⁣

  2. There is power in encouraging and empowering others to be themselves, and that they are valued. ⁣

  3. ⁣Being in the limelight has the power to enhance someones true character and reveal what truly matters to that person. ⁣

  4. ⁣The lowly, the marginalized, the hurt, the needy are the ones government most needs to protect. And, you don’t need the power of the presidency to make a lasting impact. ⁣

  5. ⁣Being a woman is something to be celebrated! While long standing cultural stereotypes may push back against minorities and women in power, they are exactly what this country needs. ⁣

While I don’t agree with every policy passed in the two terms that Barak Obama was in office, I absolutely agree with everything Michelle preaches when it comes to loving and caring for your neighbor and staying grounded in the belief that this country can become a better place if we just put a little hard work into making that happen. She is a rockstar and I’m so freaking grateful she wrote this book.⁣

Overall, one of my favorite autobiographies I have read in a long while.


EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. if you just want to be a better human. Also, if the modern presidency is something that interests you.

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