• Rachel Penate

A Letter to Kristin Hannah

Dear Kristin Hannah, ⁣

I am NOT OK. This book … ah, this book … is a masterpiece. It made me smile, it warmed my heart, it had me rooting on its characters, and it had me crying oh so many ugly, moving, heart-palpitating tears. ⁣

I had struggled for a while with the disbelief that truly good, raw, and moving modern books where out there, but you redeemed that belief for me. I saw the good in Isabelle and her heart for change. I saw the courage in Vianne and her resolve to protect her kids. I saw the sacrifice in their father and his incredible gift of atonement for the sins of his past. ⁣

I saw a story that was more than a fast-paced tale, it was laced with the integrity and grit of the human spirit, and the fierceness of authentic femininity. ⁣

So, THANK YOU Kristin Hannah. Thank you for saying yes to penning this story and sharing it with the world. If you could go ahead and write like 5 more stories this compelling and beautiful, that would be grand. ;) ⁣

But, even if you don’t, that is OK. I will hold this story and its cast of characters close to me — re-learning all the lessons of love and conflict, courage and sacrifice — for a very long time. And, for that, I am so so very grateful. ⁣

All my Love, Rachel

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